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Roof Bird Proofing Melbourne Gippsland Victoria

In homes across Victoria  problems related to birds and pests inhabiting roofs are unfortunately quite normal.

You often may not even know what exactly is causing that scratching sounds in your ceiling; it could be birds, mice, possums or rats having a free run in your attic.

The annoying noise is not the worst thing - these pests also carry a wide variety of diseases, they leave their droppings everywhere, sometimes they even die in there creating serious odour problems. While pest exterminators can kill them once they are unable to prevent pests from returning. The only solution is to fix the problem permanently by installing bird proofing gutter guard.

Roof Bird Proofing Procedure

  • Check and remove any nests, eggs and chicks¬†in the roof and gutter
  • Install complete bird proofing with highest quality bird proofing products
  • Install roof gutter and double check for any potential gaps.

Why Leaf and Bird Solutions Melbourne?

  • 10 years plus gutter protection experience
  • Domestic and commercial gutter protection
  • Fully qualified installers
  • All work guaranteed
  • Competitive prices
  • Inspection & quoting by experienced installer
  • All colorbound colours available
  • 100% bird proof
  • Australian made and installed
  • Flammability index of 0 (CSIRO tested)

20 Years Workmanship Guarantee

  • Never climb the ladder again
  • Why risk injury or worse?
  • Stops birds nesting in your roof
  • Cleaner water in your water tank
  • Stops clogging and dead flow
  • Protects your home from fire

Leaf and Bird Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian company based in Pakenham, in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, on the gateway to Gippsland. We are proudly Australian owned and use only high quality Australian made gutter protection products. Leaf and Bird Solutions provide professional gutter protection services throughout metropolitan Melbourne and across Gippsland, in particular the towns of Pakenham, Drouin, Warragul, Trafalgar, Moe, Morwell, Traralgon, Rosedale and Sale.